Side note: Can I just say that I think everyone I’ve met online is a friend IRL? :P
I’m so jealous!
C. Duhnne

Gah thanks for pointing this out! I’d meant to link two words in that last paragraph to two different pieces I’d written, one on IRL friends vs online friends (bc I totally one million percent agree with you that online friends are real, but I used the term IRL in the previous piece to distinguish between ones I see in person vs ones I communicate with online) and a different piece where I talk about the moment a friendship goes next-level real. I was (trying) to make a play off the word ‘real’. But HAHAHA derp it kinda doesn’t work if I don’t put the links in there. Ugh/fail. Thanks so much/sorry about that; I’ll edit them in there tonight when I’m on a laptop!! 😊

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