Please! Do not take me so seriously.

Hahaha! Yes I got so totally serious. So quickly, so serious! I caught your first comment right at the end of a practice session. (what does that tell you??? Lmao.) I’m still so sluggish at figuring out all the ins and outs here. Holy balls. Like I get overwhelmed by commas these days. Also italics. Which I just used. #panic #drool

I love that you love my humor. I didn’t even really know I could write humor, but then that rant took off and I’m all OMG MAYBE I HAS FUNNIES. Wheee! Ok shhhh I have to write the daily noise now. Shhhh. Focus, kitchen. (Thanks, BHD. I love that you go whoring on this site. It’s how you found me. ❤️)