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Huge hot chocolate fan!! Ok ok I’m gonna throw one of mine in the mix here bc mmmmm hot cocoa. Side note: this will not be a drunk recipe (like my frosting tip one or my ice cream one. This one will actually give you hot cocoa at the end).

(Inspired by the dessert shop in Singapore, which is where I first had it this way.)

Heat whole milk (ahem I add heavy cream too ok bye) in a pot over low heat. Slowly. Stir frequently. Add dark (70% cacao or more) chocolate chips or chopped from a bar into the milk, stirring constantly. I like mine pretty rich, but you do you.

When it’s fully melted and mixed add a pinch of instant coffee (brings out the chocolate flavor, esp if you’re using milk as a base), spices (ginger is great, but you can go full on Christmas with nutmeg, cinnamon, and a little clove. Chili powder for spicy, obvs. You can also add a little vanilla but I never do. I’ll put in rum or kahlua instead, if I want it boozy.)

Pour and serve right away.

*once, I wanted it richer with a little tang so I stirred in mascarpone. Another time it was sour cream. Ok I’ll see myself out. Bye.

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