Darling Sass, (I hope you don’t mind me calling you Sass, but to me, that’s who you are, and it’s a…
TJ Starr

I am so sorry to hear about your PTSD and what your daughter is going through. It makes me happy to hear she is playing again! That’s actually a big part of what the Ysaye post was; I made some big life changes a little over a year ago, and wanted to reassure myself that I could still get it done if I needed to. I wanted to know my fingers were where my heart is. I think music is healing that way; if we truly care for it, it will never be a fair weather friend. I hope your daughter continues to find the joy in her flute that was the utter core of her yearn in the first place. ❤

Thank you so much for this lovely comment, TJ. It has made my day to know that I’ve reached you in this way. Thank you. I’ll hopefully be back in June with a story or several?? :)