you were the first person I ever followed on Medium.
As you made gloriously clear with the whole rest of your piece (and everything you write, Sass)…
Jack Preston King

I had NO idea, Jack. I read this yesterday and it made me entire day. My whole damn day. ❤

But…right?? I’m having this existential crisis now. If I could land a job writing topic specific articles for some site/paper, sure I’d take it. Bc duh. Would a column be better because more freedom/opinion and potentially less research? Of course. I could do that job in a permanently sober second, and I’d want to. Of course. But…that still perpetuates the problem that what I really write, what so many of us truly write, would still be missing from the tide of paid acknowledgement, despite people showing up for us at every juncture.

**I’m also still completely frustrated with the problem we are facing re internet content and the myth we’ve perpetuated for so long that what we read shouldn’t cost us anything but shhhhhh side crisis/tangential**

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