I’m torn. It’s beautiful writing that grabbed me and wouldn’t let me go ‘til the end but I still…
Eric Jennings

I hear you. My initial reaction was to worry that women might be blamed for men’s failure to communicate or something vague and panicky (as I’m wont). But, I feel strongly that the writing in the OP was intended to illustrate a heartbreak that measured too unmercifully, too incrementally, against a soul that wasn’t allowed to really feel that hurt. There’s an aspect to masculinity that is incredibly toxic, and in the same way that men are guilty of enabling sexism, misogyny, and destructive, unnecessary, gender norms, women can also enable the toxicity that has grown so viral in our social concept of men. I felt like this piece spoke to that wound, you know? Then, to have it backed up by Jack not publishing it for a decade…there are reasons, right?

I dunno how much sense I’m making. I totally hear what you’re saying; I went there a bit too, before settling with gratitude on the perspective I mention here. 😊

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