This is a huge problem with ebooks, too, which I think people experience more as “packaged web…
Jack Preston King

I totally agree!! Even the ‘free’ programs and content on early tv and radio weren’t free, and we keep collectively forgetting that ultimately we’re paying for everything in the end one way or another anyway. I have exactly the same hope re Medium’s foray into paid content/subscriptions. I’m excited to see where they take it! I’d actually thought an inverse (is it inverse? I get that one confused all the fucking time and yes I have googled fml) of pay-per-read would be helpful in that it could help get folks used to the idea that content isn’t free (i.e. have folks paying literally a few pennies for each click/read). It makes me a little pissed that it’s come to this tho when Facebook has zillions bc of sites like huffpo that generate buzz all over the site but who don’t pay their writers and are maybe even struggling financially in general (I have no idea if that second part is true). The money is being made but, per usual, it isn’t going where it should. (This was also a huge issue in music when instant streaming came out and CDs declined. Like ok pay $1 for a three minute song but wtf an hour long Mahler Symphony counts as one song??? No.)

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