Sorry, I can’t keep track — you’re not still struggling with what to write, are you?
Sherry Kappel

Oh. ❤️❤️❤️ that is so wonderful to hear (bc yes omg daily writing = daily struggle apparently wheeeee); thank you so much, Sherry. ❤️ I’m trying to straddle a lot of writing urges; my despair and anguish and rage; the need to amplify activism and ways to get involved in a tangible, consistent, lasting way; my very real and valid fear of dying slowly without adequate health coverage, or without coverage at all; white people floundering in the face of realizing what onus really means; my need for hope in order to cope with any one of the prior, let alone altogether. It’s been hard to write daily. It’s been hard to trust. You guys have been so weep-inducingly wonderful for me. ❤️

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