Ok,wait. What? You make homemade mayo, and yet, complain about having to make food?

Omg what is tigernut oil. I want it.

Yeah, I complain about making food! I’m exhausted. I want to get home and not move a damn fraction of a muscle. If I could find a way (or enough money) to get someone to spoon feed fancy meals straight to my gullet, I would be all over that in a hot minute. (Although I’m remembering this might be unusual, me enjoying really good food and occasionally loving to cook on top of it, all the while getting burnt out frequently.)

Definitely egg yolks. Always. I’ve heard you can also use egg whites, too (as in the whole egg), but I’ve never tried it. I like grapeseed oil! I usually use a combo of oils: e.l.t. olive oil, macadamia, and either sunflower or grapeseed (or safflower, if I’m desperate). I thought about walnut oil, but I’m a little worried about flavor? The few times I’ve had walnut oil, the flavor permeated everything and it was too much. But maybe I had a weird batch of oil.