Patreon Tier Failure

Ok lovelies, I fucking hate the $10 tier reward I picked out my own damn self and was so pleased with like for nine months straight while I was planning this year out. I need to change it. I can’t shove myself through another day of unnecessarily agonized writing. I realize I’ve only done two freakin posts for that tier (it’s a once-a-month bonus post) and like whatever no I hate it no no no.

SO. I’m going to send out a letter to my $10 patrons and ask for their feedback on what they’d like to read. But I thought I’d ask y’all what you thought? It’d be nice to have some feedback re what a good bonus post would be. (Right now it’s this ‘wishful thinking barely tales’ category and I just hate it so much I have hives just thinking about it.) Then I could offer alternatives in the letter, or something.

What do y’all think? If you got an extra post/blog every month, what would you want it to be?