Rando Patreon Update

Hey y’all, here’s a cluster of words re writing stories on Patreon.

  1. Math is a Lie, Exhibit #FUCK NUMBERS BC MATH IS A LIE (see title of this number except fuck numbers so just move along ok): 
    I started on June 1st but am somehow on story #6 for tomorrow. I am going to crawl out of this year with 73 published stories and a pile of flaming seal shit for the Sumerians and Julius Caesar, served on a platter made of braided failure and actual yearning.
  2. Any time someone likes a story of mine on Patreon, and they aren’t y’all, my Medium peeps, I get this weird lurking nostalgia that meeps something about REMEMBER WHEN YOU FIRST STARTED ON MEDIUM AWWWWWW and then I get all clicky and follow back and then I get overwhelmed and don’t log on for three days. This is the real why I am a satchel of sentient confusion IRL. They should make signs for this shriektastrophe.
  3. I miss my dailies. I get to write two a month for my lovely Patreon patron who contributes to that tier, and I consider it an honor and look forward to it every time. But I miss turning my daily angst into something vaguely memorable. I miss interacting with everyone regularly. I even miss the burnout. FML.
  4. I love writing stories. I used to be so sure I wasn’t a plot person. How did I not think I was a plot person? How did I miss this? I love plots. I love my shitty plot holes and my fuck ups and ok hahaha lies I hate all my fuckups and also/tangential: fuck a plot sideways on the back of a leprotic camel all of every time. 
    But I do love writing stories. Writing them feels like finishing a puzzle (or not finishing a puzzle HAHAHAHA shhh stop typing) or cooking a meal or finally meeting people that have been waiting a long time just to say hi. It feels like something that make sense in ways it shouldn’t, even when I am sharting all over every wrongly conjugated verb.
  5. Maybe Patreon isn’t so terrifying. Just like I finally learned Medium isn’t so terrifying. Maybe I can do this year without dissolving into a solitary strand of gibbering drool.