But I don’t think I can go back to being just a content creator. I can’t go back to writing only what someone thinks people will pay for.
You put into words how I feel about “writing to get paid.”
Kathy Jacobs

See, I’m so ignorant about writing as a profession (for monies). (I was also ignorant about music as a profession and when I finally found out how that all worked, I damn near quit and went to medical school. I didn’t, though. Wheee.) I already feel the pull here on Medium and on Facebook re viral stories and click-raising content. Like, I’m already fighting to hold my phrase and my statement over that tremor. The entire convo (what will people pay to read) stresses me out. Because, we should pay to read everything. We don’t let folks walk into a grocery store and just take bites out of apples till they find a kind they like. And if we can push a certain product to give it more attention (as seen with ads and popular music and makeup and and and), then we can push in the same way for anything we want. That’s how popularity works. I want more writers to get seats at the table. Ok I need more coffee before I spout ish all over the interwebs. *sends self to timeout with refilled mug*

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