This is not my daily post (topics for which, PSA, are all currently in the ‘my uterus is on fire’ realm, so whatever fair warning), but my post, No Longer Waiting, was just published on the Be Yourself publication, because Joel Mwakasege is both awesome and I love him omg thank you so much.

This is all absolutely because Danna read my post and then held my hand and gave me bandaids and mostly didn’t get exasperated by any of my perplexed screams along the way. I.e., she recommended that I submit it and then showed me how and was like super fucking nice even though I’m seventeen fully lubed chihuahuas in a not even empty potato sack.

Which brings me to another major point. Most of my success here is because all of you peeps, my lovely Medium fam, have taken time out of your day to actively show me the ropes. You did it without a second thought, and smiled the entire time. It’s like being surrounded by humanity’s best effort at every juncture. Truly honored, guys. Thank you.