So did that make any sense, Sass?
So I was thinking that, not being musical (seriously — tin ear, the whole bit, although I like…
Jack Herlocker

This made complete sense to me! Talent/natural ability is such a weird area when it comes to what keeps it running. There’s a story floating around the (classical) music world about Menuhin-that he was a prodigy until he tried to teach what he did. The story goes that trying to explain it made him realize he had no analytical idea what he was doing and then couldn’t do it anymore. It plays off what we’re touching on here, that ineffable ‘sense’ we have that let’s us do something easily, and what could possibly make it disappear.

I’m sorry about your injury! Holy crow, Jack!! It must have been so frustrating to get back in there and feel totally foreign in your specialty. I know that feeling. Blargh. Thank you so much for sharing this!

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