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Well, I’m obviously going to watch those links because you always have great sources!

So, here’s where I’m a little worried something might have been missed in my original piece: I never claimed to disagree with Bill Nye; his comment, as far as I know, isn’t really up for disagreement unless someone has more science than me and can do it effectively; I stated in the second sentence not only that I was aware that it was fact but even tossed out a plausible circumstance where his comment would be understandable, if not forgivable. My title was (albeit placed in a poking sort of clickbait location #sorrynotsorry! haha) a play on the main point of my piece, which was about our need to agree with people, or at least find people who agree with us. It was not a direct response to the quote, because honestly, the quote was just the starting platform for the piece.

The other thing is that I do have serious qualms with the ‘we are one race’ response to current social injustice issues, mostly because I think it is ineffective, for reasons stated in the first (and a little of the second) paragraph of the piece. It’s not that it isn’t true; it’s what it says about the person saying it (particularly if they are white and there is privilege involved). My issues with the quote were not as much the quote itself but more the context and impact surrounding the quote’s very frequent use.

So anyway, I love when you share links with me/us; just worried some things in my piece might have gotten lost in the exchange! :)

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