Meaning in the Mundane {46}: Scheduling.
Zelda Pinwheel

When school picks up, I will (again) be teaching a class that starts at 6am. I’m a horrible human before noon. There’s maybe a teeny gray area between 11am and noon, but generally, I need to be left alone with my coffee until the sun is halfway done with us for the day. My morning students are these little adaptable geniuses that have learned to glean entire phrases from my eyebrows and grunts. Basically, if kids weren’t smart in ways adults could never be, I’d be out of a bunch of work.

I’m also starting to panic about my writing time when the schedule changes. I like it at night. I need the stillness. I need for it to be the end of the day, after I’ve had a few hours to put the day to bed, so it’s just me that’s still awake. gah.

sending you horrified 5 am hugs in the form of not touching or bothering you or making direct eye contact. ;) ❤

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