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Yeah, that’s not how your first comment read to me at all. I wrote a piece on how I internalize failure and how it sits adjacent to the way that I love and care about life as a whole. It wasn’t a think piece on whether or not failure can also be seen as a positive learning tool. It wasn’t a piece asking for help dealing with how I handle my failures. It was a piece that shared a part of who I am, how my emotions work.

Your reply (as I read it) took down my explanation by first shaming both my word choice and my description of the experience, and then telling me what was really valuable about my experience. I don’t even know (bc upset now) how I’d take a reply to this piece that says I’m too hard on myself because…is the point to tell me what I’m doing wrong, or to tell me what you worry about re this piece and how it makes you see me?

I don’t know. I’m upset by that first comment. But I appreciate your clarifying reply. Thank you.