The weather is pleasant and balmy as of now and we all know where it is heading. The dog days are going to be here soon so we need to plan faster, to beat the heat! Many people are shifting to tropical places, others just need to change their appliances but we have to start preparing for the summers because chillers won’t work the whole day, it certainly doesn’t do for me!

We are aware of the market rules and we also want to play safe on the pocket. What if we think of something other than the air conditioner? The answer is Air coolers! Metropolitans have small spaced houses and what demonitsation has done we need to go easy on the cost but can’t compromise on our needs. Air coolers is the best choice as with the technological enhancements it gives cool and natural breeze which is surely better than the a/c cooling. The natural and chilly air would flow through are faces bringing the spring back! If we all could remember how at our grandparent’s places we used to enjoy standing in front of it and feel the air, I still do! Who would like a/c, if we can get all refreshing air from the cooler?

It may sound old and out dated but, old is gold and eco-friendly too! All the appliances at our homes be it fridge, oven; emit CFC and checking the pollution levels we need to cut down on such appliances. These modern fans, on the other hand, works on a simple technology but with time has developed a lot of new features, still doesn’t harm the environment. One thing to worry about coolers was water consumption, but now companies have catered to that issue as well!

Low on maintenance, with some having systematic drainage (came across in Bajaj electricals), they are positioning themselves against other appliances in the market, they are back and they are better! They are quite easy to move around and come in various sizes and styles, hence can be fit in any corner of the house. It has rotational features, so not to worry about the air circulation! Many new features have been added, especially the ice chamber. It makes the air all the more chilly, and when it comes gushing towards us, blissful!

It becomes hard to think of air coolers over a/c but the benefits are seriously more than what an air conditioner can give. The pricing plays and important role and with so many attributes its worth it! They are cheap, de facto the room cooler prices in India are suitable for every Indian household budget. It’s certainly a boon for lower income group families.

Coolers are amazing from every aspect possible. There is a consistent demand for them, but we should increase it for a natural experience and for the environment, we surely need to conserve it! There are many points, and a lot of thought goes in such purchases but whatever be the decision, consider all features, pros and cons of products and of course the budget. Be ready to beat the heat because I am all set with my cooler!