Wall fan or Ceiling fan — which one is better to beat the heat

Ceiling fans are one of the authentic types of fans available on earth. No matter which part of the world you live in, ceiling fan is something that can be seen there. Well when we talk about fans and conveniences, ceiling fan is not the single contender! We have wall fans that can surely compete with the ceiling ones! Ceiling fans generally cling on the ceiling of your house, when you can mount a wall fan at any point of your house. But in the popular cases, we generally mount them on the side walls of the room.

Risk factor:

Whenever we talk about fans, we must take note of this feature or this point at the very first place! Ceiling fans are open to the users. If you are the parent of a kid, you must afraid of this type of fan! Your child can any time out hand in it. Well, you can say that ceiling fans stay at pretty high from the reach of your kiddo, but for those rooms, where roofs are lower than the regular ones, the risk factor remains! On the other hand, the wall fans come with casing on them which are safe for your child and for the other people living in the house as well!

Efficiency: ceiling fans are prone to deliver good amount of air throughout the room. A ceiling fan can distribute the air equally within the room when a wall fan is mounted to a particular wall and can be used for a smaller part of the room. Wall fans are used for a particular part of the room. So you can use them in kitchens, bathrooms etc.


Ceiling fans are comparatively costlier if you are going to buy one standard product from market. Standard product means the branded ones. If you are shopping online, you will get a lot of options available there. You can go for numerous deals as well! Lots of online stores offer amazing deals available for the buyers. So you can search internet and can go for the best price range products. Wall fans are comparatively cheaper. For the smaller size of wall fan, the price also comes down. So you can go for ceiling fan of your choice.


It is a common thinking that ceiling fan gives you hot air and wall fans gives you soothing cold air! Well, you need to know the science behind this! Ceiling fans are mounted on the ceiling and they capture air from those parts of the ceiling which is hot in most of the cases! So you get hot water out of a ceiling fan which is not the fault of the fan but of the place you live in! On the other hand, wall fan is away from ceiling and captures air from other parts of the room so you easily get cold air from a wall mount fan!

So now you know the features and several other points regarding both of the fans. Now you can easily choose between these two and can buy the best one for your use!

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