Have the Best Fresh Squeezed Juice Every Day

Is there anything better than starting off the day with a fresh squeezed glass of juice? You may have experienced the joy of freshly blended juice on vacation, but you never thought that it was something you could do every day. This may come as a surprise, but with the right know how, tools, and fruits and vegetables, juicing can be easy!

Juicing has a variety of health benefits that can help you lose weight and feel healthier. A lot of people start juicing because they want to be a healthier and better version of themselves, but after weeks of making their own juice blends they don’t notice a change. Juicing is simple, but unfortunately that means it’s easy to do it the wrong way. Don’t fall into the same problems and patterns other people have fallen into before. Follow these tips, and you’ll have people asking about your juicing secrets.

Don’t fall for “good” sugars

You’ve loaded up your juicer with pineapples, berries, and the sweetest and ripest fruits you can find. Your juice may taste delicious, but it’s also loaded with sugars you don’t need. Some people falsely believe that any sugar from fruit is automatically healthy, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Sugar is sugar regardless of where it comes from, and too much of it can be detrimental to your health. Try not to add too many sugary fruits; find a balance so that you can still have a hint of sweetness but not an excess of sugar.

Cut produce ahead of time

You have everything all laid out for your newest juice creation. You’re all ready to get started, but half way through you realize that you can only fit about 1/3rd of what you planned to juice into your juicer. It can be easy to get carried away with juicing, and there’s nothing worse than planning a recipe than realizing that you can’t follow it. Measure and cut your produce ahead of juicing, so you can ensure that you have everything you need. You won’t have to worry about having too much of an ingredient, and you’ll have a perfectly measured batch of juice each time.

Give it one more juice

You love the flavor of your juices, but you feel like you’re drinking more pulp than you’d like to. Some people will drink pulpy juice they hate because they’re worried about getting rid of vital nutrients. The vitamins and minerals from your juice won’t disappear if you run it through the juicer one more time. If your juice is still a bit too “thick” for your liking, you may need a new juicer or blender. Trusted juicing brands like the Vitajuicer can give you the juice consistency that you’ll need for a refreshing beverage time after time.

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