Juicing in the News

Juicing has increased in popularity in recent years, as consumers want healthy fresh fruits and vegetables as well as the convenience that juicing offers.

Whether you’re new to juicing, a juicing aficionado or you’re thinking of buying your own vita juicer, check out these recent news stories on the ways juicing is becoming more popular and accessible.

Misfit Juicery chosen for national food entrepreneur incubator

The Washington D.C.- based startup Misfit Juicery turns deformed, bruised or ugly fruits and vegetables into juice, preventing produce from being wasted for cosmetic reasons.

As the Washington Business Journal reports, last month Misfit Juicery co-founders Ann Yang and Phil Wong were selected out of 400 companies from across the country for the inaugural class of the Chobani Food Incubator. This program supports food entrepreneurs whose values align with the natural food company.

According to Washington Business Journal, “Misfit’s co-founders are about a month away from closing a $650,000 to $750,000 seed round, after raising money from a number of investors, including K Street Capital.”

U.K. community hosts juicing event to reduce food waste

Residents of Abington, England have come together this fall to reduce food and plastic waste by making their own juice.

As Oxford Mail reported, leader of Abingdon Carbon Cutters Sally Reynolds said: “”The aim is to reduce food waste by using apples often just lying around on people’s lawns, and turn them into delicious juice. It also saves packaging because you don’t have to go and buy it.”

On its first day, the group made about 15 liters of apple juice, which Reynolds said is “much nicer and tastier than juice in shops.”

Santa Maria Times profiles healing juice bar in Grover Beach

Last month, the Santa Maria Times wrote an in-depth profile of Julia’s Juice Bar, a business that opened in Grover Beach, California in 2014.

The owners of Julia’s Juice Bar, Julia Gomez and her husband Javier Magaña, said that they began to juice their homegrown produce in an effort to help Magaña heal from a liver problem.

“A year later, I went for a check-up and the liver problem had disappeared,” Magaña said, adding that his problem with regular back spasms also improved.

Julia’s Juice Bar rotates in-season, fresh, locally farmed produce so new flavors are available throughout the year — like carrot-pineapple or a tropical kale-kiwi-pear blend.

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