Commercial Roofing Company: Get Your Roof Ready for the Spring

A rough winter can really cause roofing problems and it is safe to say that it has been a tough winter in Alberta. With spring on the horizon, you may think that you are nearly out of the woods, but when it comes to your roof, damage that is done in the winter often becomes apparent during the spring. If you think that people suffer in -30 temperatures and under tons of snow, imagine what your roof goes through.

Fluctuating temperatures
In Alberta, it is not uncommon for temperatures to swing wildly. With changes of up to 30 degrees happening in hours or days, it is not easy on our bodies. Just imagine what it can do to the roof of a commercial property. Extreme thermal shock is one of the hardest things your roof will go through in its lifespan. As the roofing materials expand and contract with the changes in weather, it can cause micro cracks — even in the highest quality materials. As your roof ages, micro cracks can cause small holes over time. Experienced commercial roofing experts in Edmonton know where to look and how to spot these cracks, before they turn into a bigger problem.

People love to see icicles dangling from a building during the winter. Commercial roofers in Edmonton see large icicles as something entirely different — the telltale signs of an ice dam. Fluctuating winter temperatures can cause a buildup of ice on your roof. This happens with snow accumulating, melting and then freezing again, which causes an ice dam around the drains and the edge of your commercial roof. It also pushes those large icicles onto the edge of your building. Ice dams are never good news for your roof, if you suspect your commercial property is developing an ice dam you should contact a reputable commercial roofing company in Edmonton to come check it out for you.

Most commercial roofs designed and installed by reputable commercial roofing companies in Edmonton are flat roofs. Even with a flawlessly installed flat roof, as snow falls it can accumulate and put significant amounts of extra weight onto your roof. When a commercial roof gets an accumulation of heavy snow, the weight can force the roof to bow slightly which causes what we call ‘ponding.’ If you notice pools of water accumulating in the middle of your roof in the spring, you know you need to call professional commercial roofers in Edmonton to come assess your roof for damage.

Come spring, the signs of winter wear become more obvious, there are a few tell-tale signs that your commercial roof is in need of repair. Look for:

Your roof bowing
A pond of water forming in the middle of your roof
Cracks in the ceiling
Water coming into the building
If you spot any of these signs or you think that the winter has been particularly hard on your roof, contact commercial roofing experts in Edmonton. The team from United Roofing have you and your commercial property covered — call us for a free quote or to have one of our commercial roofers in Edmonton come check it out for you.

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