The First Embrace

It could have been love

Two beings flinging themselves together

in the hope that one could hear the other’s heartbeat against his own

Flushed cheeks pressing together

Laughter bouncing in both ears

Each body wringing out every drop of elation and relief from the other

as if there was a surplus of glee that would spill over

if the other being wasn’t there to absorb it

It’s something incredible

to give one’s happiness away

to selflessly transfer emotion

from one to another

Arms grasping

Eyes shut in bliss


It could have been despair

Desperation driving two beings to cling to each other

as if standing alone was unbearable

Tear-stained cheeks colliding

The damp salt soaking into the skin

into the soul

Mouths opening wide in the horror of reality

spilling durges of pain with no melody into the air

Nails digging into flesh, a frantic plea for help

for escape

Let me out of this body

Let me out of this world

Let me into your arms

It’s something incredible

to recklessly release grief

from one to another

Arms grasping

Eyes shut in misery


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