Dark Offerings Fan Art Contest Results

After being sent omens of our untimely demise, we at the Kitfox House reached out to you all, pleading for offerings to our Dark Lord. Some of you loyal devotees answered our calls, submitting your works of art as proof of piety.

We have voted for our top two picks which you may gleefully see below and worship with reverence. Congratulations to the winners which will receive beta access, an in-game portrait and an exclusive art print!

First — An amazing rendition of the high priest.

We really liked this envisioning of the High Priest (or High Priestess) and the attendants. It really captures a sense of holy dread and ominous rituals. And the team picked it even without knowing it was our acquaintance and once-volunteer, Gonzalo, who you can follow at @gonzzink.

By Gonzalo Alvarez‏ @Gonzzink

Second — An Alphonse Mucha inspired tribute to House Kegnni.

There’s a lot of beautiful attention to detail here. Matron Kegnni is the book-burner, and manages the farmers, so the union here of flame with flowery vines makes her seem almost like a demi-goddess in her own right. The Kitfox design in the background was a silly but appreciated touch. You can follow the artist Andrea at @TanookiFruit!

By Andrea Roberts @TanookiFruit

Honorable mention — An homage to the families.

This composition was really beautiful and may inspire a poster print in the future, if the artist doesn’t mind! Each of the House leaders appears to show their own style from their place of power on the isle, of course lorded over by the High Priest(ess), whose blood-hunger is undeniable. Awesome work, Alminda! You’ll receive a Shrouded Isle key as a mini prize!

By Almida Rosander

Other entries:

Both images by Samuel Argento‏ @sam_argento
Left: Mike Clark‏ @ChemicalTaint ||| Right: Dark Soul Katana

Thank you to everyone who submitted their art (and kudos to some awesome last minute work done by some!) Remember to prepare for the upcoming sacrifices by wishlisting The Shrouded Isle which comes out on August 4th!

Your informants,

Speaker Victoria of House of Kitfox

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