The true value of being a Mother

Although I have written that being a mother is a hard gig I must also point out that being a Mother has great value not only to your children but to yourself. We as women have been blessed to be able to birth our children. We were born Woman. We are the caregivers, the nurturers and we have been given a very important job to do from the Creator.

Our role is very important because we are raising the next generation. We are raising the children who are tomorrows future. Our planet depends upon us to raise our children thoughtfully and carefully so that we can leave the planet in good shape for future generations. We must accept the hardships of parenting and understand that this is part of our role. If we stop fighting what it is that we lost prior to being a mother then we can tune in and become more focused on what we are actually here to do.

I see our role as mothers is to allow our children to grow healthy and become independent thinkers. I believe that we must allow our children to make their own decisions (considering safety of course) and allow them to explore the world as they see it. I ask my children to always challenge what they have been taught and also to challenge what they see in me as a role model.

The most important part of parenting is to love our children for who they are and not for what we want them to be. They were birthed from us however we do not own them. They are children from the Earth and they too have been placed here with purpose. Our job is to allow them to find that purpose and fulfil it.

One way we can allow our children to explore themselves and their true calling is to connect them to the natural world. Imagination is more important than knowledge. We can nourish a child's imagination by allowing them to spend time in nature exploring. This tunes them into their five senses and taps them into their sixth. Allowing children to draw and colour is also another way to do this.

Although Motherhood is a very hard gig, we must accept the responsibility that we have been given and lead the next generation into a world that is much better than today. A world that is nurtured and connected. A world that respects our planet, respects one another and most importantly a world that lives with purpose.