Image: A rocky desert under a clear blue sky.

I wish I hadn’t told them. But I did. I lied from the start and all the way up to the point where there was nothing left but lies and ruin for both of us.

The lies that I told made it impossible for me to be someone who could…

i was twenty when i had this dream, so strong that it is now a real memory
the details crisp like the early morning air
the broken corn stalks
crunching under our shoes in the windy field
my ancient red chevy van parked nearby,
my twin and i
the same crooked, gap-toothed smile
the same hair —…

On April 13, 2019, I spoke at the annual dinner for a local chapter of the ACLU. The topic was the deep inter-connectivity of our civil rights work, and how no issue can be viewed in isolation from any other. Here’s what I said.

[Image of crowds protesting the Muslim ban at Indianapolis International Airport — Photo: Al Jazeera]

When I began this work, I…

Image: A dark and mysterious closet door.

It first happened with my partner. That was slow. Years of hints and sly jokes and feeling around the shape of something terrifying that we both saw. Experiments. A kind of admission. I was 38.

This brought a period of active peace. Learning how to get around. Sneaking out together…

(Image description: Photo of a blue, feminine eye.)

She wants a pathetic victim to love. Victims are easy. They can’t issue demands.

She wants me to overcome all obstacles but also wants me to need her help.

She wants me to have had surgery. She is very interested in surgery. …

Image: Archie Bunker lookin’ pretty shady

The Gays of Our Lives” is an Indy-based webcast that seeks to “bridge the gap between the older LGBTQ community and everyone fucking else.”

Who is “everyone fucking else?” That’s left for the viewer, but presumably they are talking about all these newfangled queer folk with names like “asexual,” “non-binary,”…

Image: An ocean at sunset

I first noticed it in the ocean. The way my body floated in the salt water. The way I was so easily rocked and buoyed by gentle waves, lapping all around me. That was the beginning. In an endless expanse of liquid. …

While Prides around the country are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, I hope that we also take a moment to critically engage the role of cop violence and the state-sanctioned oppression of queer and trans people as it looked then and as it continues today.

Cop oppression…

Kit Malone

Advocate at ACLU of Indiana - she/hers - Opinions are my own and not my employer's.

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