Dear Caitlyn Jenner,

Now’s your time, girl!

You asked us to be patient with you. Said that you felt you could do more good as a trans woman with the president’s ear than you could as an outsider. Said that conservatives needed trans people to stay at the table with them.

Now you got your wish!

I hope that you are going to use this platform to talk to Donald Trump about the real shit, and not retreat to the insulating bubble of glamour and celebrity that you have the privilege to occupy. Trump seems to only respect wealth and celebrity … so you have that going for you.

When you bend his ear, make sure you tell him about the kids who are scared that his administration is going to try to dismantle Title IX … rendering not just the school bathroom but the entire school system a scary and potentially hostile place. Make sure he knows that he’s toying with the lives of children.

Tell him about the vast majority of us that can’t afford any healthcare, let alone the medically necessary affirming care that many of us will die without. Tell him that you were lucky, because you could afford to take care of yourself. Speak for those who aren’t. I know you must know about that.

Tell him about our trans women of color who are at the receiving end of a giant and unending wave of violence and poverty. Ask him to do something about that.

Tell him about our cis sisters and trans brothers and siblings who are watching the right to their own bodies being forcibly dismantled by cis men who will never face the choices they have. Tell him that our cause is one, that each of us deserves the right to own our bodies … not just those of us who are lucky enough to be rich and famous.

We’ve given you a lot of leeway, because you’re one of us. Part of the trans family. Now you have the opportunity to be a useful tool rather than simply an obnoxious media distraction for us all to endlessly debate on Twitter.

This is your moment. Go do something with it. We’re gonna fight. Are you with us or not? The time for asking us to be charitable has ended.


Another trans woman.