Shaking things up when you’re lost in your roadmap

“What do customers want, and what will they buy?” is the essential question for every product manager. There are lots of ways to get answers. This article will explore one approach: The Customer Advisory Board. What is it? Why do it? Who should be on it? …

A device that says “How was your day?” with buttons to indicate good or bad.

No matter what industry you’re in, your business is becoming increasingly digital. Managing your digital service requires key performance indicators (KPIs) that ensure you provide a great experience to your customers.

KPIs are used in business all the time to quantify and track the health of the business. Traditionally, you…

Gain credibility — if you write religiously.

I joined the Forbes Business Development Council in 2019, and I have published a handful of articles there. I often get asked by people who are considering joining if it’s worth it. As with most things in life, it depends.

The council is an invite-only club where you can network…

Designing the perfect garden for a journey across the solar system

Greetings Friend,

I’m pleased to report the Red Thumb Society successfully delivered your message. In response to your question: Yes! It’s my honor to help you prepare for your Earthbound journey. My motto is, “grow the best food in…

Quarantined Sci-Fi author confronts strange coincidence

“Have you seen Plutonomics? The new show? It’s hilarious,” Lisa, the host of the virtual happy hour, asked the group of fourteen faces, each safe at home. These online functions were standard weekend pastimes during the annual infectious season.

Fiona, who was using a shark-themed video background, replied, “Oh, the…

Prep right for a killer skip-level 1:1 meeting

An antique throne

You’re meeting your Grand-Boss (your boss’s boss), or maybe even someone higher up the food chain. How do you prepare for such an auspicious occasion?

Let me share how I approach this, including some dumb mistakes. The Big Boss meeting is a risky proposition, which can mean the difference between…

Move hallway conversations into better code

If you’re building a software company, you need to decide — should I hire remote software engineers?

Set aside for a moment the COVID-19 pandemic and the fact pretty much everyone is working from home. The remote work trend has been clear for some time. Tech hubs keep getting more…

Delicious lessons and a surprise from my first cook

I wouldn’t say I was afraid to try smoking meat. I was just concerned it wouldn’t be worth the investment of time and money. This past weekend, I finally made the ultimate smoked pork butt.

I achieved a fantastic result by following the method of BBQ master Aaron Franklin. He…

Letting go of technical opinions earns respect.

You’re a product manager working on a highly advanced software or technology product. You have tons of experience, deep technical understanding, and can chart the best path forward for your development team — if only they would listen to you.

It’s common for PMs, especially those with strong technical backgrounds…


Kurt Biesemans is helping healthcare get personal.

“Make the product for your users, not for yourself,” Kurt Biesemans advises aspiring product managers. In our interview, we spoke about his work in omnichannel healthcare and how he has evolved as a product manager.

Kurt is a healthcare-focused product leader based in Brussels who is working to improve patient/provider…

Kit Merker

Writing a little of everything since quarantine.

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