Is Flipbelt a good running belt for men? We asked some local rugby lads to give it a go..

Most regular runners can relate to the recurring problem of where to store their door keys, cash and mobile when they head outdoors running. Carry it with you in your hand, stuff it in your pocket or wear a rucksack, none are ideal.

Flipbelt, the no-bounce running belt, claim to have the solution. You may have seen plenty of female runners giving Flipbelt the thumbs up, but Kit Radar set a challenge. Do rugby boys think it is a great idea also? Here is Chris Callaway from Southwark Rugby giving his thoughts & review.


The Flipbelt is an elasticated belt that fits around your waist and contains multiple pockets for you to store essential items you may need when you are running. The belt fits tightly so the items are held fast against you and don’t jingle or displace with rapid movement. For added security one pocket is specifically designed for keys and contains a plastic clasp to attach them to.


It is incredibly simple to use but perhaps a bit cumbersome to put on, it doesn’t have a buckle so you need to walk into it and pull it up around your waist. It fits comfortably and the individual enclosures are easy to locate and fill. It easily held, house keys, ipod and coins. The contents where held securely over a 5km run without slippage or discomfort or any noise, it does however feel slightly uncomfortable if you attempt various stretches that involve floor work or touching your toes as larger items press against you.


I was happy to wear the Flipbelt whilst out running and will continue to do so, it frees up your hands, it feels totally innocuous, you don’t have to stuff your pockets with jingling coins and my house keys felt totally secure. I’m not sure that you would purchase it on pure ascetics but it’s functionality and the problem that it solves makes it an essential part of my running kit.

Product reviewed by Chris Callaway of Southwark Rugby

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