Christy White

It’s funny… I picked my pen name before I ever tried to write publicly.

While I stand by what I write about and could conceivably be legally linked to it, I started in writing by “real world” writing — that is, I found an IT company that did manuals and proposals and procedures and help text. Everything was boring and conservative and not mine. Unless you are super successful, that’s usually where the money is. Oh, I wanted to become famous for poetry and op-ed and inspiration, but I was super grounded (translate trapped) in the real world/realist thing.

But, as I aged *snorts* and did the stable job-family-remarriage thing, I got more comfortable in my own skin and less comfortable with society’s dictates. So I took up my passion and began a small blog on another platform… and am now moving here.

I’m still small and eclectic, but under a pen name I’ve gone places I cringe to go sometimes (but not so far I’ll cause my kids years of therapy). And I believe it’s a protection in a way for my employer if I keep it semi-clean and above board.

Yes, the reality is that nothing can be hidden in this world anymore (or next to nothing). But sometimes a pen name gives an illusion that provides the impetus to write what needs to be written just the right way. And yes, I do have a yellow streak. ;)

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