Recognizing Racist Stereotypes in U.S. Media
Suzane Jardim

During the Atlantic slave trade era, Brazil imported more African slaves than any other country. Brazil was the last country in the Western world to abolish slavery, with 40 percent of the total number of slaves brought to the Americas living there. Today, with the exception of Nigeria, the largest population of people of African descent is in Brazil.

Racism isn’t a USA problem.. it is a human problem. 63% of Brazilians believe that race interferes with the quality of life… Wherever you have a majority population and a minority population you will get the same results.. it doesn’t matter what the color of skin is, those with power have advantages, and usually advantages are shared unequally to the “in-group.” So if we can all stop pretending this isn’t a reality and start eliminating the unfairness whenever we come across it, we will be able to move on as a species. It says a lot to me, that you choose to spend your time pointing to the United States, who has aired her dirty laundry and taken the hit for it, while not mentioning what is still in the basket of your own country. It is as if you are trying to install the “oppressed victim” shackles on them, instead of empowering them. Sad.