Because I need some ‘me’ time

I am a happily married, very social expat with a big international friend circle. If I tell you I need some ‘me’ time, I probably mean it.

But because I always have this urge of going out, exploring new things and catching up with friends, colleagues, my hubby’s friends or his colleagues, it is quite a challenge to have some time alone and just do whatever I feel like it.

If I am not willing to check out the newest vintage coffe spot, my favourite bands playing in town or the cute food or fleah markets around, I probably want to spend some quality time by just having my music and magazines.

If I also get to enjoy my fav yogurt from Hungary (the one I used to have almost every day when I was studying for my graduation) along with my absolut favourite weekly tabloid, that’s an ultimate bonus.

Nok Lapja, Jogobella and me on the balcony. A priceless Monday evening! 😁

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