Why I want to become a software engineer and why I want to attend Holberton School.

I would like the opportunity to better myself and the world through the use of technology. This would be a second career for me. My first career is medical imaging and I think of ways everyday of improving medicine through technology. This idea plagues my mind and I feel that I need to act upon it. I realize that it would be a challenge, but I am willing to work hard to achieve goals. I do not have the traditional opportunities available to me, and I had found the Holberton School. I am proud to be a female in medical technology and I think that this would be the perfect motivator to be in this school that is named after a female pioneer. I hope that I may be considered for this unique opportunity. Thank you so much. Kelly

Hello again!

Unfortunately, I did not make it the first time, but I am determined to keep trying! I have the belief that everything happens for a reason and this makes me even more committed to achieving my goals. Rome was not built in a day right? This is the meaning of blood, sweat and tears…let me add commitment to that recipe!

I would very much appreciate the opportunity to attend this extremely unique school. To learn from the experts that actually work in the field is a dream come true for me. All of the books in the world cannot teach you real world experience. I know this first hand and this is why I can respect and appreciate the method. Having a student myself that I am teaching at the moment makes me appreciate and covet the human learning interaction. I would like the opportunity to further advance technology in medicine. I see research being conducted at my place of employment and the idea of furthering humanity through the use of technology excites me and fills me with hope for the future. I believe that passion is the key to success and this is why I want to study hard and become a Full Stack Engineer at The Holberton School.

Thank you so much!