A Trip to Trumpland
J. Michael Kell

Did you travel with a portable hard object to bang your head on?!

I find it utterly amazing that you who are atheist, continue to honor your parents, because they’re your parents; and they, the ardent “Christians” don’t embrace and accept all of your totally non-criminal self, even though you are their son.

You know it’s not going to be pleasant, in fact it will be mostly unpleasant, and yet, you go. You are a good person. Period.

Have not seen nor spoken to my mother since August 1994. No plans to change it. She’s in a nursing home with dementia now. Means nothing to me.

If abortion was legal in the fall of 1961, I wouldn’t be here. There were no long distance relatives to send her to until she had me and could give me up. So my parents got married at 19. They didn’t make it to my second birthday. Of course a divorced woman with a small child in a small town in the early 60s had limited options. A town that was 99% catholic.

She never forgave me for it.

Had to become a mother to understand that I never had one.

I accept my daughter wholly. She’s my daughter. My natural instincts would not allow me to do otherwise. She has autism spectrum disorder. She can be a handful and then some. Plus she’s got a fair percentage of my ex’s tendencies. But she’s my daughter. Mommy’s Girl. Nothing will come between us. I would not permit it.

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