Evangelicals in the Age of Trump
J. Michael Kell

Evangelicals are not Christians they are “Christanists” They claim to follow Jesus, but don’t follow his teachings. They cherry pick. This is a common practice. Evangelicals are certainly not the only ones. My paternal relatives are what used to be called “cafeteria catholics”

The evangelical thoughts on Hillary Clinton are outright slander. “Bearing false witness” according to the Ten Commandments. Whoops.

Evangelicals are one of those groups that think their faith makes them superior. Pride. First Deadly Sin. Whoops.

(Not a religious person, mind you)

They don’t care for the constitution. I’ve recently figured out why:

There is only one constitution.

We all live by it.

There are no edited, rewritten, redacted, cherry picked versions.

There are 21 versions of the Bible.


Can’t deal with that. That’s the heart of the matter.

People who do not “love their neighbors as they love themselves” are not Christians.

People who would not grant asylum to people who are in danger are not Christians.

They are “Christianists”, in other words, posers.

Somewhere in the Bible it says something about Satan disguising himself as an angel of light.

Just a thought.

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