Skills For Distinguishing Poor Quality Auto Parts

Master some of the identification of fake and shoddy auto parts products knowledge are necessary for a man who works on selling auto parts or driving , Generally speaking, The following skills for identification are practical methods.

Customer can distinguish whether it is a good quality or poor one via packages , appearance , color, material, paint, crafts,storage methods, professional basic parameters, Connection methods, the marks, shortage accessories problems, protective layer, certification owned.

Today, Editor will elaborate the identification skills by packages , appearance , color, material, paint. The rest of the methods will be told at the latter article.

Methods 1

How does customer distinguish the shoddy auto parts via package?

Honestly, The original packages are normally standard and professional with the unified standard specification, clear and formal printing,.Nevertheless, Counterfeit packaging is relatively poor. So customers can identify whether it is a good one via package.

Methods 2

Distinguish the shoddy auto parts via articles color.

The original one , especially the surface color, is specified color by original manufacture. It must the fake one if the color is not the original one. It is easy to distinguish it via color.

Methods 3

Distinguish the shoddy auto parts via products appearance.

Generally speaking, Original parts of the appearance of printed or cast word and mark clear and formal, and counterfeit products appear rough appearance.

Methods 4

Distinguish the shoddy auto parts via products paint.

An awkward problem has been occurred by most of customers. The second hand used and damaged auto parts are be processed again by dismantled, reassembled methods, making it as a eligible one to sell and earn the high profits, illegally. It is an extremely immoral behavior.

Methods 5

Distinguish the shoddy auto parts via products material of the auto parts.

Strict requirements are essential for the original manufacture, especially the material and design. Each procedure is a key for original manufacture to process it. But, Adopting a low quality material to reduce production cots so that they can earn the illegal high profits, which is a irresponsible attitude for customers. It is related to a happy of family. Using the high quality material to produce high quality auto parts, which can avoid less car accidents.

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