The day my mother died
elizabeth tobey

I remember when grandma (mom’s mom) passed away, 9 years ago this year. My mom and sister had picked me up from school that day, which was not the norm because I usually rode the bus home. Once we had pulled in to the driveway, my mom turns to look to me and tells me that she had died. I don’t remember anything else from that day, but, at her funeral, I sobbed profusely. She loved me, had taken care of me, and was always there for me. I still miss her terribly.

So, I am sorry for what had happened to your own mother. I am glad to see that you are strong and can share you and your mother’s story. I enjoyed the post.

I also wanted to say that if you are interested, I think you could find someone on reddit ( ) that can remove the object in front of your mother in her last photo.

Take care!