Snow lightly covered the farmhouse and she gasped at the sight of a small gathering of geese by the pond. Her husband chuckled and put the car in park.

“We are here.” He smiled. “Let’s look around before we bring our things in.”

Smiling and getting out of the car she tugged the coat closer about her as she walked towards the pond. She inhaled the cold air and let out a happy sigh.

“This is amazing.” She gasped. “I can’t wait to see the inside of…

Before she finished her sentence, he had wrapped her up in his arms and pulled her up into a deep kiss.

“I love it when you blush Megan.” He whispered as he brushed dark bangs out of her hazel eyes.

She gazed up into his dark blue eyes and smiled. “Only with you my love.”

“Let me show you the house.” He released her and grabbed her hands. “You are going to love it here.”

Megan giggled and let Grady lead her into the dark house and once through its threshold she felt a sudden chill as the door slammed shut and a heaviness fell upon her.

Head pounded unmercifully and her arms would not respond to her, Megan awoke motionless. A heavy smell of metal and leather enveloped the room and her vision hazy as she scoured the room and her eyes locked onto familiar blue eyes across from her. He was bound to the wall and had a metal bit in his mouth. She saw that he had been stripped of clothing except the weird contraption that surrounded his penis.

She squirmed frantically and tried to scream but the bit in her mouth was harsh and kept her tongue motionless. Megan tilted her head slightly to the left and tears slid down her cheeks and her heart skipped a beat when she saw another female bound and gagged.

Megan began to sob and the unknown female shook her head no as to warn her.

“I see my new addition is awake.” Announced the husky voice that came from above the stairwell. The sound of boots on steps stopped when they entered the room. Megan tried to turn her head to the doorway but the binding prevented her.

“So, happy to have another addition to my family.” The deep voice drawled out. “I see you have met Vanessa already, and I know you two will be good friends before long.”

He stroked her cheek and Megan tried to turn away but the rope kept her in place. She tried to look up at his face and he struck her promptly on the top of her head.

“I did not give you permission to look up at me!” He hissed. “From now on you will do as I instruct and call me your overlord.”

Megan sobbed and tried to remove the bit.

The man pulled her head up by her hair. “Do I make myself clear.” She sobbed and tried to nod yes.

“Good, as long as you do what I say we will all get along.” He walked over to Grady and patted him on the head.

“Not sure what I am going to do with you yet.” The Overlord mused. “But it will be spectacular I am sure.

He walked back over to Megan his leather boots loud upon the wooden floor. She could smell the strong cologne he was wearing and it made her stomach sick.

“Now slave, I am going to remove your bit and you are going to do as I ask.” He paused and looked her straight in the eye. “If you fail to do as I please I will torture your husband in front of you.” He wrapped his fingers to her cheeks tightly. “Do you understand?”

Megan choked out yes and the dreadful man squeezed harder. “What did I say for you to call me.”

“yyyyyesss Overlord.” Megan stammered.

“That’s a good slave.” He released a bit of pressure on her cheeks and with his other hand released his penis from the opened zipper of his blue jeans. “Now lick the head of my cock.” He ordered.

Megan began to protest and his fingers squeezed her cheeks harder and brought her mouth to his cock.

“I said lick it!” Megan felt and tasted the salty tip of his Glans against her lips. “I want to feel that tongue moving on my cock.” Megan whimpered as the overlord’s cock entered her mouth. “Guess we will do this the hard way until you learn.” He growled and shoved his cock deep into her mouth and thrusted sharply several times that caused her gag and squirm against her captor.

He stopped and left his cock sitting atop her tongue. “Now I want you to lick the tip of my cock like a good little slave.” He pulled out and left the glans touching her lips.

Megan shuddered in humiliation as she flicked her tongue across the tip of his cock. “Mmm now that is a good girl.” Megan bit him and started screaming. “Why you little whore!” He howled holding his penis tightly. “You will pay for this.”

The Overlord pulled out the horse bit and shoved it into Megan’s mouth and slapped her harshly across the check. Megan could taste the blood forming in the corner of her lip.

She watched as he inspected his penis and wipe it off with a towel. He walked and stood by Grady and she saw a wicked smile cross his haggard face. “I warned you.” He shook his scrawny finger at Megan. “ I would punish your mate if you did anything against my wishes.”

Overlord pulled Grady up to his feet and unlocked the cage and pulled it off his cock. His boots clinked on the floor as he walked over and pulled a red riding crop from the wall. He sauntered back to Grady and smacked his Penis with it. Grady squirmed and made grunting noises as the crop struck him again.

Megan squirmed and made what sounds she could in protest.

The gaunt man walked up to her and shoved the crop in her face. “Please stop what?” He loosened the bit and kept moving the whip around her face.

“Overlord, please stop.” She whimpered.

“I see we are starting to learn.” The Overlord walked back to the wall and carefully put the crop back in its place.

He stood in front of Megan his skinny Penis fully erect as he rubbed the shaft. He gave her a toothy grin and turned toward the other girl. He released her gag and presented his fully erect cock to her.

“Overlord, May I lick your cock.” Vanessa asked.

“Yes, you may.” He answered.

Vanessa licked the end of the Overlords cock eagerly.

“That is a good slave, you know how to make your Overlord happy.” He looked over at Megan. “Now take my whole cock in and suck on it until it is dry.”

Vanessa moaned and swallowed his cock into her mouth and slid her head back and forth until it released its load into her mouth. She licked up all remaining bits on his cock.

“Thank you, Overlord.” Vanessa smiled.

The man stroked her cheek and placed the bit gently back in her mouth.

He walked over and crouched in front of Megan. “Now that is what I expect from now on little whore.” Holding her cheeks with his fingers he held her face up to his. “I can be generous if you follow all my orders.” Overlord planted his mouth to hers and she felt his tongue explore her mouth. “Now then we should have some fun.”

He went to Grady and untied him from the wall and shoved him out of the room. Megan’s heart sank as the footsteps went upwards and the lights and door closed behind them.

She sat in the dark and could hear scuffles above her and feared the worst for Grady. She sat for what seemed an eternity before the door overhead the stairwell creaked open.

The lights sprang on and her eyes teared from the brightness and she braced herself for the worst.

Megan started sobbing and shaking her head when Grady stood fully clothed with a whip in his hands.

“Shall we get started love.” He removed her bit and pulled her to his exposed cock. “We are going to have such a great time here don’t you think.”

Megan pouted at him. “You didn’t say anything about guests.”

Grady smiled and gently slid his cock against her wet lips. “You said you wanted a unique experience and to be surprised.”

“that I was” Megan played with the tip and then slid him completely in and it felt warm.

“Can we stay all week?” She kissed the tip and smiled up at him.

“Of course, we can, as long as you remember the rules.” Grady shook his finger at her.

“mmmm.” Megan moaned as he slid his hard cock inside her wetness.

“This is going to be a great week.” Grady moaned.