My mother bought a new couch today

She didn’t need one

We have three.

Fees must fall is all over facebook:

“Animals, brutes, savages”

The words of the civilized

For that my dear, is how the unredistributed land lies.

Now they’re burning the libraries,

my mother says with a hiss

Are they not going to stop til they’ve burned down the whole world?

Mum, I welcome the day of the global apocalypse

Flames to burn to purge the evil urge,

to have and keep and take take take.

Make the children pay for their education

In eroding belief

Parents, in lives of taxi rides

And jobs in other people’s houses

See the tides rise like anger, settled deep, pushed down

Feel the flames rage in the dark underbelly

Why that binary though? dark and light?

White bright angels above

Threatening blackness below?

Well, my dear, history has made it so

You can’t rewrite history

CRRRACCCK! the earth cracks open and swallows it whole

Human lies no more

And all the poor souls released

From the tireless game they’re made to play

A game which history shows, only has one victor

Yes Mum, I welcome the fall of heaven to hell, the world razed and shaken to it’s core!


in this,


would I die?

my life sacrificed with all the others

Tides rise like anger, settled deep, pushed down

A tsunami of knowing threatens me

Would I die?

Flames rage in the dark underbelly

Smoking out the truth

Would I die?

The earth swallows history, cracks open, thunders, roars and — No!

History smiles knowingly, chews and spits me out.


I’m scared

I cling to life,

my rosey future

padded with crisp Madibas and nice kitchens counters

the marble reflects a face I wish I never knew

I guess we’re all selfish

In the end

Maybe one day, I too will be buying couches