13 Reasons Why, Good Guys, And the Question I Never Thought to Ask Myself
Mickey Desruisseaux

So interesting. Half way through the season I started messaging a friend to complain about Good Guys (*Clay slut shaming Hannah was at the front of my mind – from personal experience, Good Guys are great, until they don’t get what they want). I know nobody else who has seen the show in full, so I haven’t really been able to discuss it. I thought that the writers (of the show – perhaps the novel, but I’ve not read it), did a good job of showing how the likeable Good Guy can also be a d*ck. I feel that because I’d already made up my mind about this, given how long it takes to get to Clay’s tape, I already felt that he was at least partly complicit in what had gone before. I was surprised that Hannah lets him off so lightly, however, I feel like at this point Clay already know’s what he could have done differently, and I am hoping the audience would have recognised this too. Given your response I’m hoping most people have given this some thought. I would like to add that I also have a lot of love for Clay and Dylan Minnette’s performance. The main thing I love about this show is that it’s getting people talking. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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