T Marie

Something Shifting in The ‘Sco

A Haiku or Two

Photo by Erik McLean on Unsplash

My block is busy

Early morning moving vans

Leave before rents due

Mattresses thrown out

Stray cats lay claim to the stains

It’s all happening

Poverty kills slow

Suffocates every nerve

Being poor ain’t cheap

My baby girls face

Ignites a…



Invisible me

(Postpartum)Depression ramblings

Photo by Adrian on Unsplash

Whats it like to go unseen

I ask to the forests full of trees

Well you’re here and you’ve got reason to be

But most forget your existence

Until there is something from you

They wish to glean — —

They will take your leaves




T Marie

T Marie

Storyteller 🎭 PMA⚡️Aspiring Death Doula. 🧿 Caregiver. New Mother to a Heart Warrior Daughter💓 Writer, working on healing. 🕊🕯