His Lost

What’s funny is it was always hard for me to let go, I get attached to people and things so easily that I let them over take me but one day I got my heart broken so severely and realized that I lost everything from my smile, happiness and sanity I felt like I wanted to end my whole world, what I didn’t realize is that my life wasn’t over my life with that person was and it killed me.

Everyday I would make up reasons to why he just ended our beautiful world, what could I have possibly done so wrong for this boy to just up and leave me with out a trace and no explanation.

I didn’t get it and every thought haunted me to the point where I just wanted to literally die I wanted to be out of my misery.

I wanted to have the mind of a child I began to envy the kids I taught because they have not witnessed or felt heart break and I hated it. Someone as nice and kind hearted as me actually was being hurt by someone yet again that said they loved me and it killed me.

One day I woke up and realized why am I still chasing this boy why don’t I just stop this madness and live my life and I realized he didn’t love me because if he did he wouldn’t put me through so much heart ache if he loved me he would appreciate half of the things I did for him, he would appreciate my loyalty while he was gone on deployment.

He was just another sad man in my book of heart aches so I left him behind and everything that strung with him and finally said enough was enough. He will come looking for me and if he doesn’t I will be hurt but I will live because my life doesn’t end just because he couldn’t realize what he had. and decided to be a jerk all I can say is his lost.

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