End of Week Four Makers Academy Pre Course

I have no idea what has happened to the last four weeks, they’ve somehow slipped past me. I start the full time course tomorrow! Eek! I am both terrified and excited. Terrified that I have not done enough work and excited to finally be cracking on with more work!

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This weeks tasks were to get to 5 kyu on Codewars (done!), write my Github CV (done!) and pair programme with someone on the Fizzbuzz challenge (done!).

Although I had reached 5 kyu on Codewars a little while before this week I spent a good chunk of a day going through different kata from our learning objectives. This has highlighted some areas to me where I have had a little difficulty (hashes, I’m looking at you). In part it has reassured me that I actually do know a little bit of Ruby.

Blocks, Procs and Lambdas

With the learning objectives I realised I hadn’t actually looked at procs and lambdas since before Christmas. I could remember nothing about them. I found an amazing article about them. From what I understand:

Blocks are little bits of code that can be used in methods (I’m somewhat happy with them already). They are the do … end or {…} that I use frequently.

Procs are the same as blocks but can be assigned to a variable, meaning I can use them many times (I’m going to think of them as reusable blocks).

Lambdas are almost like methods because they care about the amount of arguments going in. They can also handle the explicit return.

Blocks and procs can’t handle the explicit return. When you use return it will return from the method that called them. In other words it will stop the method from running at the point of the return.

To call a block you use yield and to call a proc or a lambda you use .call.


I had to write my CV this week and I tackled it first off because it was the thing I was most nervous about. I thought that I wouldn’t have many transferable skills from nursing to web development. I was so wrong. I have excellent skills in communication. I am empathetic, can deal with difficult situations and my documentation is superb. After all I did spend 12 years of my life documenting every single aspect of an ICU patients day. You do end up becoming somewhat anal about it. I have also had some leadership and management experience with some of my own projects which I know I’ll be able to use going forward.

For this CV I know that this blog will help me, I hope that potential future employers will see how enthusiastic I have been about my journey so far (and skim over the terrified/feeling stupid parts!). I have been quite honest in my blog at some points but that’s the type of person I am. If something needs to be said I say it.

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Pair Programming

I pair programmed with a person from my cohort using Screenhero as he is currently in the North of England. For this we had to complete the Fizzbuzz challenge, this seems like a classic in web development. So much so that Toby and I had paired on it before I had even been offered my place at Makers Academy, it did come with a twist though! We had to use RSpec and test driven development. Test driven development entails writing tests for your code before you actually write the code, that way you’re actually testing for the functionality you actually want the code to have and your code actually works. You could spend half an hour or more writing a chunk of code that you have to turn round and delete as it does nothing or doesn’t do what you actually need it to.

It was good again to pair because it gave me a different perspective on the code at hand. Although Fizzbuzz is a contrived example, it does have several different things to think about especially when you throw in RSpec.

I have kind of spent the rest of the week chilling. Played a bit of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, had a big walk up the Thames with my friend and grabbed a few pints with him. I also attended two different International Women’s Day talks, one at ThoughtWorks and one at CodeNode.

I also did a few practical things to prepare me for the weeks ahead. I ironed lots of clothes and hung them up with cardigans and brooches (I’m a novelty brooch fiend), so I can just grab a hanger in the morning. Now I only have to worry about painting my face and running out the door. I already have a stupid amount of frozen food squirrelled away.

I’m off to meet someone from my cohort soon (my Northern friend who just moved down today!) for a pint and a little pair programming before we start tomorrow.

Wish me luck for tomorrow!

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