There is no turkey in the plan.
Yvonne Loar

So, Yvonne, let me ask you. If they were already being so kind and accommodating, allowing Caleb to participate in the play, with several spoken lines, even though he had not turned in a permission slip, why would that not extend to allowing Caleb just have that final, silly little “Gobble, gobble” line that he wanted to say? What would have happened, had Ms. Lindsay not lunged for the mic right after the other child finished the line “Thank you for coming”, and just left it on the stand for the final few seconds it would have taken Caleb to say that line? Who would have been hurt by allowing him to do that? What good, sound reasoning was there that meant she had to lie in wait down there, and launch herself at that mic at just the precise second, in order to take it away before Caleb could get to it?

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