GitHub stars won’t pay your rent

Solve your own problem, everything else will follow

The tweet I wrote after getting the idea in 2017

Hopefully, people will donate, right?

I made a huge mistake

  • Closing an open-source project just to make it paid seemed like a dick move.
  • Having an open-source version and a paid version seemed very complicated to pull off.
Our favorite drawer in the world

Shifting focus

If it doesn’t work for me, I don’t want to sell it

A second chance

The final chance

Oh boy, the payment part

Deleting the GitHub repository

A factory lector — a person who was reading the newspaper to factory workers

The big launch

Haters are always louder

  • I want to pay only once!!!111!11!
  • This shouldn’t be a subscription
  • I’m gonna make my own version and distribute it for free because screw these greedy companies that are charging users for something like this (actual comment, W T F )
  • Well, isn’t this the same as Google Chrome?
  • Well, isn’t this the same as that one Chrome extension that came out in 2007? I can just use that.

Focus on the customers

Here’s how you would look like if Sizzy threw up on you

Next steps

  1. Solve your own problem
  2. Show your solution to other people as soon as possible
  3. Package it and distribute it as soon as possible (note to self)
  4. Don’t be scared, ashamed, or discouraged to make it paid
  5. Don’t let anyone tell you how much you should charge for your work





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