Lessons learned at React Amsterdam

  • Page loading is too slow which can result in loss of potential customers
  • Google Cache and SEO.
  • People who disable JS in their browser
  • People with really slow mobile connections
  • People who use really old hardware
  • CSS in JS is not only for big projects, it’s for any maintainable project.
  • Use Inline Styles for state styles and animations
  • Don’t be religious. Keep an open mind and use tools that solve your problems!
Example of a functional component that uses a destructuring assignment for the props
BAM, magic.
  • @observable — which enables MobX to observe your data
  • @computed MobX ensures that this value is consistent with the state
I will just finish this article with the ReactAmsterdam mascot of 2016 and I'm not even sorry about it.



Maker https://kitze.io

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