Andela bootcamp, day five

Disclaimer: I am writing this on a Saturday but will shortly get to describing the events of Friday. Ready? Go.

It’s hard to write. It’s even harder to write when you are nursing stomach pains and a running stomach. I made the mistake of taking honey this morning and I am now dealing with the consequences. Thousandth note to self: Never take honey again. I repeat, never take honey again.

Back to bootcamp (Friday), I started the day with a really bad headache. What’s with the pain? I imagined all the possible ways the day could go wrong because of the pain. Two hours later, the pain was gone thanks to a pill given to me by a colleague and of course, the daily dose of coffee.

We did the warm-ups as usual but there was a new exercise. One that involved running to the gate screaming out your lungs and stopping when you were out of breath. Such a loud way to die. Huh? I managed to reach the gate and joined the list of defending champions. Here’s something you probably didn’t know about me. Back then when I was a young man, I used to sing in the high school choir. So you can be sure my lungs can pack in quite some air.

Back in class, you could sense the tension. Only half of us would proceed to next week. Except, we didn’t know which half. We discussed the day’s food for thought and I learnt of so many ways to improve a solution’s speed. It was a brown bag Friday. That meant one unlucky Andela fellow would be sharing with everyone their passions. The stage was Mahad’s and he sure loves football. And his sisters (lol). It got me thinking. If I became a fellow and had to do a brown bag, how would a presentation on chapatis look like? Anyway, let’s cross the bridge when and if we get there.

The time to know who had made it to next week came and I was fortunate enough to be among those proceeding to next week. I was 0.4 happy, with the remaining 0.6 pegged on next week’s outcome. The project I shall be implementing shall be powered by a Flask backend. How the heck do I even do that? Anyway, I still have the weekend, Google, youtube, my colleagues and our trainer to help me figure that out.

To my colleagues who did not make it to week two, it was a pleasure meeting and sharing a class with each of you. I hope the future shall be kind to all of us. Cheers!