Andela bootcamp, day four

For some unknown reason, traffic conspired to delay me today. But a wise man once said, “People from Rongai will always find a way.” And true to his word, I magically manage to arrive at the Andela campus slightly before 7 AM. Now just so you appreciate how magical that is, if you are travelling from Rongai (because we don’t commute) in the morning, you might spend up to three hours in traffic. Anyhow, enough with magic.

Coffee o’clock is upon us and we enjoy the morning’s dose before heading out for warm-ups. Most of the games are done in split groups and my favourite one had us shutting our eyes and people randomly saying numbers incremented by one. But here’s the catch, if two or more people say the same number, you start again from zero (sorry, one). There are definitely some lessons to be learnt here. They include:

  1. In a group setting, you do not have to do something every time. Give others a chance to do it as well.
  2. Still connected to the first point, trust others to do the right thing.
  3. We all make mistakes, but it’s more fun when you make them together.

Back to class, we had been introduced to Andelabs (a collection of code challenges for practising what we had learnt). Our trainer gave us some time to work on the challenges and consult him if need be. He introduced us to gitter which we used to ask and answer programming issues in a chat like fashion.

You know God is working miracles in your life when they finally serve chapatis at Andela. By now you should know chapati is bae and today we finally got reunited. As I enjoy my lunch it dawns on me that the week is almost over and tomorrow they make the first cut. So assuming the class is an array, it will be sliced to roughly two halves with a half proceeding to week two and the rest being encouraged to reapply next time. I believe I have put my best foot forward so far and I hope all goes well.

In the afternoon, we get to revisit python classes and writing unittests in python. The last part of the class was student lead and I shared with my colleagues my understanding of python lambdas. My colleagues presented on keyword arguments in python (*args and **kwargs), list comprehensions and exceptions. Interestingly, I had a far better understanding of lambdas after presenting than before. Another lesson learnt; you learn more by teaching others.

My back is aching now, maybe it’s time to reconsider my posture. Looking forward to what tomorrow holds and I hope it all goes well.