Visit the “Philippine Contemporary: To Scale The Past and Possible”

When I went to Metropolitan Museum of Manila last Monday, I was not able to visit the other exhibit in the basement and a staff told me not to take a picture of the artworks upstairs. I appologize if the pictures are blurry and I was not able to take down notes of the artwork and artist.


I have a thing for nature mostly its sunsets. Somehow there is a voice in my head saying “what a wonderful world” over and over again while taking a mental picture of every sunset of my life. This Artwork reminds me all the beautiful sunsets I have watched in my entire life, it is like someone took images out of my brain and put it in a frame and displayed it in a museum. I was staring at this artwork for 3 minutes or more, unlike the others this one I can relate to. And by my observation, I am still not sure, If all the frames are unique. Which I can interpret it as No Sunset is The Same as The Others.


I am not sure why there is a “Zoetrope” in the middle of this painting but a zoetrope is a kind of tool for animation and I think that the girl is the image in the zoetrope that made her look like that. My mood when I went to the museum is down, i was down. Then when i saw this painting I was like “it seems like I am not the only one who is down today”.


Finally! The jukebox that amused me. While I was standing in front of it and noticed two buttons on the left and right the other one says “start” and the other one “play”. When I clicked start button the machine inside it moved, I got scared because I thought I broke it then while it was moving, I pushed play randomly and it started to play a nice song. As it was about to finish I pushed play again and guess what, it started to play a sad song. I walked away but I can still hear the song, I looked at other artworks in the museum and still hear the song. I still like jukeboxes though, it is one of my wish to see and touch a real jukebox.

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