Being in a startup is a roller coaster of emotion and I have personally learned that the best way to reduce uncertainty is always go one step further and continue working. At Kiwibot we want to provide the most advanced solutions to mitigate the crisis that we are currently facing.

We have already done over 100,000 food transactions, however we know that our technology can go beyond that. This week we saw the need for sanitary supplies and we have been providing masks, antibacterial gels and hygiene products for the communities of Berkeley and Denver. …

“Food is the ingredient that brings us together”

The New Year will bring new memories, new resolutions, and new Kiwibots!

In 2020, we will roll out Kiwibot Cloud Pro. A new generation is coming. Refined hardware design, new operations features, and superior human interactions will transform the logistics landscape and yield better service.

In less than 2 years, Kiwibots have empowered thousands of people around California and helped to fundamentally transform the urban logistics landscape. These successes, however, have come with challenges, opportunities to improve and, above all, the obligation to remain transparent with our community.

We’re writing today to share with you the challenges we have experienced with our robots and how we are addressing them. They have impacted less than 0.6% of our robot fleet, but we wanted to share what we’re doing to fix it.

Kiwi uses many different processes in our delivery operations. One of those processes is relating…


We’re building the autonomous delivery infrastructure of tomorrow. We are leaders in the consumer delivery space, being the only company delivering at scale.

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